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For more than 30 years, we have been a leading provider of data to the offshore industry. We give clients access to the information they need to operate their businesses more effectively.

Market intelligence is available on more than 25,000 structures, vessels and companies, 6,000 oil and gas fields, either in production or in the planning stage, global Geographical Information System (GIS) coverage and a wealth of commercial data.

Our core database is fully relational, continuously updated and coded to track all the stages of an offshore field's life.

The result is trustworthy project intelligence that can guide and simplify the decision-making process for a wide range of clients.

Steve Gordon
MD Clarkson Research Services Ltd

We cover all types of assets engaged in the offshore sector, from seabed survey vessels and drilling units to construction and support vessels, production units and those associated with decommissioning.

Key publications in the portfolio include well-established reports such as our Offshore Vessel registers, Oilfield directories, oil and gas maps, and Offshore Intelligence Monthly. Many corporate and institutional clients in the financial, government, insurance, oil company, equipment and shipbuilding sectors choose to take advantage of our bespoke customer service contracts. These offer a tailored mix of data feeds, project tracking intelligence feeds, support on financial offerings, seminars, and multi-client studies such as our Offshore Forecast Club.

Through Clarkson Valuations, our Research division is also a leading provider of valuations to the offshore industry.



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  • FFA: Torrid week for iron ore with TSI 62% coming off 11.3%. Mkt seems stabilised today w strong buying interest seen across front of curve

  • MR: Increased TC interest from charterers for short t/c out of AG on the back of the firmer spot market.

  • SP: Veg oil ex-Black Sea has dropped slightly this week, whilst we see a smidgen of interest from South America to India. Rates remain flat.

  • SP: Extremely tight tonnage situation ex-ME Gulf on the westbound route with a spike in rates amidst a flurry of fresh cargo enquiry

  • U.S.OILSTOCKS: #USG crude and clean petroleum products #exports slowly recovering to pre hurricane levels